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From The Ten Commandments in Poems

The First Commandment

                                     The first and great commandment,

                                     God declared for all to hear,

                                     And with the lightening flashing

                                     The people listened to him in fear.

                                     It was there upon Mount Sinai

                                     His first commandment came to be.

                                     There Moses and his people heard,

"                                    "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

                                     Jesus reinforced these words

                                     As all the world would find.

                                     "Thou shalt love the lord thy God

                                     With all thy soul, and with all thy mind."

                                     We're not to worship idols

                                     Nor traditions made of men.

                                     Instead, God said to put him first

                                     And to worship others would be a sin.

                                     Since God has truly made you,

                                     Let his will for you be done.

                                     Put God first in all you do

                                     As did on earth his son.

From Visions of the Mind

  Dream Dreams 

                                                        Dream dreams my friend

                                             Before your time is gone,

                                             For the time you have to dream

                                             Will last but just so long.


                                             Take that dream that you have dreamed

                                             And make your dream come true,

                                             For that dream that you conceive

                                             Needs action now from you.


                                             For the time that we are here,

                                             Why not use it well?

                                             Why not satisfy our life’s desire

                                             Before our final bell?


                                             Let’s not look back at the end

                                             And feel such great regret

                                             That a dream that we have dreamed

                                             Was not fulfilled in our life yet.


From The Beatitudes in Poems

                 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

                                                          “Blessed are the poor in spirit,”

                                               Christ told His people long ago.

                                               He said their reward was heaven,

                                               And He proclaimed it for all to know.


                                               It’s not through wealth or power

                                               That salvation is achieved,

                                               But instead it’s by accepting Him,

                                               And His written word believed.


                                                          Like beggars we must come to Him,

                                               And ask that He forgive

                                               The sins that come along

                                               For each of us who live.


                                               Blessed are the poor in spirit

                                               For in Christ they’ll find the way,

                                               To enter the doors of heaven

                                               One great and glorious day.


From Reflections of the Soul

  Where Simple Mortals Go

                                        From the depths of woman's soul,

                                        Life ushers into man

                                        To begin his mortal trip

                                        In a far and distant land.

                                        He travels down a crooked road

                                        With no warnings of its curves,

                                        And if his sight is keen,

                                        His journey lingers on.

                                        Through peaks and valleys,

                                        Never knowing,

                                        He steers his helpless course;

                                        Then, suddenly,



                                        The road abruptly ends,

                                        And  he is sent

                                        Without control

                                        Where simple mortals go.

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